Doing stuff

Over the past month I’ve been less watching dance and more ..doing stuff.  One crisp, summery morning I was inspired by a dream to make a dance film – for fun, with no hardcore concept or tricky choreography. Just improvisation, a cool setting and laughs. So I collaborated with a beautiful dancer named Lexy Panetta who had some amazing ideas and contributions to the film, and we eventually got around to spending a grey morning in the Rocks doing what we do best in little alley ways, gardens and around the harbour.

The means of the film is to capture our daily routine; to make permanent our familiarity of our home, Sydney, our improvisational/movement style and – our friendship, as much as that sounds cheesy, but often we’ll be talking and laughing throughout the film and there isn’t a need to cut those instances out. We be happy. What initially was intended as a 3 minute film ended up into 3 separate 4-7 minute films; a series. We had too much fun goofing around and exploring that we ended up with around 2 hours of raw, fun footage. I am about to see if the upload on vimeo works of one of the films. If it does I’ll get around to putting it up here in its roughly edited state!



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