Wharf Series.

This film is a light hearted take on the daily routine of us (the dancers). It was initially to be attached to other footage taken around Sydney, but we got too involved with playing in this location that it became more than a snippet and more like a series… whoops. Our motives were to improvise movement that had elements of fluidity and elusiveness, and reflected the mood and context of our location. In this improvisation we would either be in our own separate worlds or integrating our movements in contact. Throughout this exploration there is a mixture of pedestrian movements and contemporary dance, although a lot of it (on my half) was “I’ll do what I think feels nice” aka lots of leg kicks, and swings, and hair flicks which can get boring to watch. Thankfully for film I had lots of chances to warp, quicken, slow, overlay and reverse to inevitably create movement that is almost impossible and unusual. But even without the movement the location is so beautiful and the weather was bloody awesome – being perfect lighting for film but also looking like an epic storm was approaching. We were very lucky.



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