Sue Healey’s EN ROUTE

Figure 1. Eveleigh

Well done NSW transport. Finally a good decision that the government has made – to display an incredibly immersing dance film that features a broad spectrum of dancers amongst diverse train lines across NSW at Wynyard Station (the Wynscreen). Tonight, an equally dance-craze friend and I decided to catch up for dinner and watch EN ROUTE, choreographed and directed by Australian dance film artist, Sue Healey. Little did we know, that she as well as most of the performers in this film were also planning to see their beautiful work at that time – on that night.

Where to begin! After watching this and now reflecting on it – I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my skin in the raw excitement and inspiration I’m feeling towards this (so cheesy I know!). But finally, a chance for any Sydney-sider, on their way to work, in their heels, clacking off to do business in the peak hour commute, to have a moment of complete refreshing peace, represented through movement and film. I’m so excited to be one of those commuters and walk past this with the fear that I might not actually make it to work on time.

The film itself was a panoramic display of any means of traversing, on route to an unknown location, and it was captured so well that it was almost palpable. In the thirty minutes of footage there were excerpts of daily routine morphed into a visceral journey to unexplored territory. Each dancing individual (ages ranging from 3 years old to 102) had a quality of movement that weaved into shapes and lines that entirely suited the architectural structure of their surroundings. And the scenery! Who knew that NSW had such beautiful greenery! (See figure 2.)

IMG_8101 copy.jpg
Figure 2. Helensburgh


In addition to this, Healey beautifully contrasted the footage with scenes of disused train lines in the countryside of Bombala, adding to the rich palate of territory. It was compelling to watch as the dancers performed pedestrian movement amongst deserted train tracks or large, dynamic movement that engulfed and complimented the environment. It is difficult to pin point a favourite scene – and I’m sure the more times I watch it the more indecisive I’ll be, but the lonesome Jincumbilly train station and the stunning whirls that Nalina Wait performed with her ridiculously large and beautiful skirt took the cake.

If you by any chance happen to be in the city, or take the train from Wynyard, it is definitely worth a stop to gaze longingly at this film. En Route will loop until FEB 2017, alternating AM and PM with another film. Unfortunately there is not much advertising on when exactly it will be on show. I recommend going as frequently as you can, because you are guaranteed to be inspired, whether it be to dance, travel, film-make or see art.

Production Credits: 

  • Director and Editor: Sue Healey
  • Director of Photography: Judd Overton
  • Producer: Pippa Bailey, Performing Lines
  • Camera Assistant: Matt Chow
  • Film crew: The Graffer
  • Costume Design Assistant: Ella Lincoln
  • Film Assistant: Jacob Edmonds
  • Technical Advisor: Hai Tran
  • Performers: Don Asker, James Batchelor, Elizabeth Dalman, Jacob Edmonds, Anca Frankenhaeuser, Ghenoa Gela, Patrick Harding-Irmer, Lisa Griffiths, Raghav Handa, Kei Ikeda, Eileen Kramer, Nalina Wait, with children Barnaby Scott, Aiya Ting, Marina Seet, Leila Karlsen, Poppy Synnott
FullSizeRender copy.jpg
Figure 3. Eileen Kramer, aged 102 in screen and in life, dancing with director Sue Healey




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