Checkin’ in about nothing at all

A mild disclaimer: The content of the following post will be more informal as opposed to previous posts (if possible?) and more along the lingo of a ‘Dear Diary’ entry – for reasons being that I don’t have a specific dance work to discuss, and that I’m shoveling food in my mouth during my lunch break. Sorry.

While there isn’t a specific work that I have to discuss, I can say that there have been some exciting performances that I’ve seen i.e. Tree of Codes, Keir Choreographic Award 2018, and have been attending the regular Writing Dancing workshops each month at Carriageworks. So I’ve somewhat remained involved in the dance scene?

Last year I wrote a post about a football inspired dance work by Martin Del Amo. After joining a soccer team and playing my first game (ever) I can say the fitness levels across both disciplines can be both very high intensity and I can definitely relate my awkward stumbling around the field to my own choreographic style. Surprisingly, within my first 2 months of playing soccer I have required more physio than the entirety of what I had when I danced. Let this be a lesson to dancers – only play soccer if 1. you have played throughout your childhood, or 2. you are comfortable embodying a fierce aggression toward other people you have never met with the desire to dominate a ball. I think my body is going through dance withdrawals – again.

On that note, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a new project with a perfume artist, Clancy Baxter, and two of my favourite dancers: Lexy Panetta & Maddy Towler Lovell. The work will incorporate the multi-sensory; smell, sound, vision, and who knows… inspire kinaesthesia or phenomenology? (Rehashes honours thesis). I’m actually very exited to work with the scents Clancy has provided us and try and embody them through movement. No doubt there will be a longer, more detailed post about this work once we have more subject matter (watch this space). The performance is to be held at 107 Redfern. See you there for some quirky smells and dynamic movement.

Considering this post is less ‘run of the mill’ than others – here’s a fun video my friend Tallulah Bur and I worked on not long ago:

Music: Innerbloom – RUFUS 



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